Surviving Allergy Season in North Carolina

Long Leaf pines shed copious amounts of pollen during the spring allergy season

As the yearly yellow dusting of long-leaf pine pollen descends upon St. Luke’s Medical, our staff and patrons alike wonder what can be done to minimize the negative effects of allergy season in North Carolina.  Our home in the Piedmont, known as “the land of the long-leaf pine,” is particularly susceptible to seasonal allergies resulting…

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Vaccinations at St. Luke’s Medical

Needle with a vaccine to be administered

Vaccinations at St. Luke’s Medical For most people, the first step of their vaccination journey began long before they knew the meaning of the word.  Even as adults, it is easy to receive or arrange for your children to receive routine vaccinations without understanding the science behind your actions.  Here at St. Luke’s Medical, you…

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Increase Your Medical Vocabulary

Woman in a light blue shirt laughs deeply

Since laughter is the best medicine, please enjoy increasing your medical vocabulary with these puns: Artery: The study of fine paintings Barium: What doctors do when patients die Catscan: Searching for kitty Cauterize: Made eye contact with her Coma: A punctuation mark. D&C: Where Washington is ER: The things on your head that you hear…

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Lenten Fasting and Your Health

A simple fasting meal consisting of an apple, a glass of water, and a piece of bread

This article is geared towards our Catholic patients who may be fasting this Lent.  Catholic or not, please read on if you would like to learn about healthy Lenten fasting within the Catholic Church. What is Lent? Within the Catholic faith, Lent is the time of spiritual preparation leading up to Easter.  Lent is 40…

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Website Under Construction

Diamond shaped warning sign with the words "under construction" calling attention to our new website

St. Luke’s Medical thanks you for your patience and support as we continue to grow as a business. One of our latest endeavors as we expand and seek to better meet your needs is this website.  We hope to provide our loyal patrons with a convenient means of accessing our location, contact information, providers, and…

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