St. Luke's At Home is a part of St. Luke's Medical Practice founded by Dr. Robert Deucher MD.  St. Luke's has a team of health professionals and providers to care for you.  St. Luke's provides primary care medical service to our patients in their home at no additional cost above what insurance covers, co-pays, and patient deductable responsibilities.

Thank You For Choosing St. Luke's At Home

Our at home services utilizes a Chronic Care Management program that Medicare has implemented to provide superior care for those needing close management of conditions that can affect quality of life and health.  St. Luke's At Home patients are enrolled in this program with your consent as a part of the care you receive from us.  Your Medicare/Medicare Advantage Plan is billed monthly for this service and is covered in full except for an amount under $10 that is generally covered by a Medicare Supplement.

You will have a chronic care manager available to you and your family/caregivers for:

  • Scheduling an appointment with your provider to see you in your home.
  • Reporting symptoms for triage.
  • Medication management and oversight.
  • Managing transitions and communication among the different setting of the health care system.
  • Ensuring you receive timely preventive care services.

A comprehensive care plan will be developed to address your needs, with a problem list, detailed interventions, and measurable and attainable goals.  Even is you do not call the chronic care manager, they will be sure to call you or your family/caregiver every month to monitor your health and progress.

Call our office at (910) 725-0809 to learn more about St. Luke's At Home, and to sign up today!

As a patient taking anticoagulants, you should be aware of the potential for very serious side effects that can occur if the medication is not properly monitored. Some of these side effects can be life-threatening. Research shows that participating in an anticoagulation clinic may decrease serious complications and deaths from blood-thinning medications.