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Understanding Medication Refills and the Pharmacy

A note from Dr. Deucher…

After 26 years as a hospitalist and office-based physician, I have seen many changes in medication management and the benefits of managing medications aggressively and effectively. Reducing the number of medications (especially age 65+), and number of hospitalizations due to medications, is very important.

Today’s health care forces such as insurance companies and big pharmacy have their own agendas and are not always aligned with your personal health goals and needs. Powerful software systems pump out inaccurate refill requests to doctors, and pharmacy management companies look to reduce costs sometimes to the detriment of the patient – a lot of it driven by regulation and profit.

While it may seem convenient and connected in our electronic world, to rely on your pharmacy or insurance company to keep track of your medication and refills – it is not safe or recommended.

In 2021 St. Luke’s Medical Practice will return to individual patient knowledge and care of your medications. Using your St. Luke’s Chronic Care Manager, our unique annual medication review and renew system, and small/local owned pharmacies (when feasible), we will put you and your physician back in control of your health!